WebRTC market expected to rise in future!

A glimpse into the predictions for the progress of WebRTC in 2017.

Apple added WebRTC-related APIs to its Safari Technology Preview, but it properly hasn’t completed it yet. Also Edge now supports WebRTC and not just Object Real-time communications (ORTC), an open source component of WebRTC; Google Chrome added some functionality for ORTC, which got wrapped into the WebRTC specification roadmap. In fact VP8, VP9 and H.264 are almost the standard baseline of support in browsers.

Another point is that, two or more acquisitions in the WebRTC market, and two or more vendors closed or pivoted out of the business. A Private equity firm Siris Capital acquired communications software developer Xura. Cloud-based communications provider CLX Communications acquired API provider Sinch. Communications-platform-as-a-service vendor Twilio acquired Kurento, an open source WebRTC media server.

In 2017, expect more vendors to adopt WebRTC in large-scale streaming and broadcast-type scenarios.