WebRTC IoT : A Smart Client Architecture!

WebRTC IoT is a new Technological Revolution that marks the future. WebRTC IoT Hub is a device, which runs an agent that resides on premises and can be paired with a variety of sensors as well as third party devices or agents. The collected data are processed, encrypted and stored in the Hub. The data is periodically backed up through Cloud data storage services. The Hub agent allow users to directly connect, manage, and monitor all their remote devices and sensors with preserved privacy. WebRTC IoT Hub doesn’t need a static IP address or domain identifier.
Some of WebRTC IoT trends are:

• The WebRTC IoT Hub is designed as a central unit of the smart home control system residing on premises behind a WiFi gateway. Users can remotely communicate with various home devices and appliances from Android or iOS app.

WebRTC IoT Hub comes into play as a communication and management system in the principle of intelligent manufacturing system.

• Helps in Proactive maintenance and Connected Supply Chain.

• The WebRTC IoT Hub makes the gathering and transferring of medical information safe and efficient.