Take a Tour of Our New Office!

As you may have heard, a few months ago we shifted to our brand new office in Thejaswini, Technopark!

We now have a lot more space, which was necessary since our team has doubled in the past year. We currently have 31 members and that number is expected to grow rapidly over the course.

Now that we’re all settled in and all of our decorations are up, as such, we thought we’d give you a LITTLE TOUR!!

Let’s Ride!

First up,

The entrance!-Green and Comfy!! The Go Green theme makes us extra enthusiastic.

The Break Out Area– An ideal place to Relax!!

The Glass Cabins & Meeting Rooms– where all the brainstorms and decisions takes place. Where all our Projects take shape!

The Main Office Space– Where the implementation takes place! The wonderful ambience (with lots of fun, music, food and much more) made us love our space! Work and Fun goes hand in hand here!

Seminar & Open Meeting Point– Where new information is shared. Of Course, it’s our Favourite place when we wholeheartedly fetch our piece of CAKE on Birthdays celebrations!


Ayyappan Asokan, Co founder & CEO

“We are very glad to provide a new ambience for our team. This wouldn’t have happened without the wholehearted support of everyone who stood with Enfin. We have taken keen interest in the facilities inside Enfin and brought out the arrangements of our new office. I sincerely hope that our new working environment will definitely provide an enthusiastic vibe to our team.”

-Ayyappan Asokan