Streamlining HR Using WebRTC

An HR manager’s job is to manage the employees, promote talent, and take care of other employee-based functions that are crucial for a business. Another important duty of an HR manager is to recruit new candidates for open posts. For this, they need to be able to communicate with potential candidates easily and on-demand. This is where WebRTC comes into play.

WebRTC enables real-time audio and video communication through an encrypted peer-to-peer channel without the need for any third party software. It can be used for both one-to-one and conferencing applications with a use-case in the field of employee training and education, telehealth, and consulting services.

How is WebRTC going to help with HR?

Video interviews offer many advantages over traditional voice-only and e-mail interviews. Let us go through them one by one.

Better assessment

Video interviews allow HR managers to better assess a candidate through visual cues and facial expressions, thus allowing them to create a psychological profile of potential candidates.

Less scheduling hassle

With WebRTC, HR managers can conduct interviews with less scheduling hassle as there is no overhead from travel.

Reduced cost

Real-time video interviews allow savings in travel and thus savings in time as well.

Shortened hire time

With HR managers having the ability to conduct interviews on demand and reach candidates quickly, they can shorten the hire time for employees.

Removes geographic limitations

Physical distance and travel time often restrict companies to hiring employees only from a local pool of candidates. Often, an HR manager will have to pass up on a perfect candidate purely because they are too far away. With real-time video conferencing, HR managers can reach any candidate regardless of their physical location.

Reflects well on the company

Conducting video interviews will make the company feel innovative, modern, and tech-savvy, which can potentially attract innovative and tech-savvy candidates.

Easy to use

Anyone who knows how to operate a standard video call on any social media platform will have enough knowledge to comfortably use a WebRTC based video conferencing solution.

This allows less tech-savvy or older candidates to still be able to enjoy the benefits of real-time video interviews.

Recording capability

All video interviews can be recorded for further analysis.


Use of real-time video interview can be a good experience for both candidates and hiring managers alike. However, when used incorrectly it can leave a negative impression on candidates.

Among the most common apprehensions among candidates against using video interviews are connectivity issues and poor audio/video quality. However, when using a platform designed specifically for video call, HR managers can rest assured that candidates are experiencing limited connectivity issues and have excellent audio and video quality.