Partnership with OpenTok

TokBox is a leading PaaS company that provides hosted infrastructure and APIs for enterprise-level WebRTC capabilities. The company’s forerunner product, OpenTok, enables software engineers to deploy WebRTC applications ten times faster compared to vanilla WebRTC API. OpenTok is the most comprehensive set of mobile solutions for WebRTC technology. It makes your App run quickly with advanced features, control, and wide device support. The OpenTok platform makes it easy to embed high-quality interactive video, voice, messaging, and screen sharing into web and mobile apps.

Our partnership with OpenTok provides us new ways to raise our WebRTC expertise. It also paves the way to new business opportunities based on mutual benefit. Enfin has a team of expert developers who are ready to build custom WebRTC solutions based on OpenTok. OpenTok provides Android SDKs or iOS SDKs to ease live video streaming application development and charges. The SDK is supported on high-speed Wi-Fi and 4G LTE networks. It also lets access to the beta features. So that we get complete package SDKs for live video streaming applications development as video, audio calls, messengers, sketchers etc. Altogether, OpenTok provides both mobile (Android and iOS) and web solutions for WebRTC, which are our areas of expertise.