Employee skill development & training using WebRTC backed LMS

Technology is ever advancing and we too must advance to effectively utilize it. In a world where you can communicate with anyone anywhere and at any time through devices that most people have; we must change our aged practices to better suit the new age.

There are many factors that affect the state of an employee at a workplace. Studies have shown that a large portion of employees under 35, cite professional development as key to a good work environment. If a company fails to provide such opportunities, then the employees become more apathetic to the company’s goals and ideas. This leads to loss of productivity, absenteeism, and increased employee turnover.

But with the advancement of real-time communication systems and learning management systems, this task becomes greatly simplified. Let us look at what is possible with such systems in place.

Helping new employees settle in

It is hard for anyone to acclimate to a new environment. However, the burden on new employees can be greatly alleviated through the use of training videos. Introductions from other employees can be prerecorded and shown to help introduce the new employee to the team that they will be a part of. This will ease the transition for new employees into their new environment.

Methods of training

Face-to-face communication is preferred by many educators and learners alike. This is where a WebRTC backed LMS comes into play. Live video sessions can mimic the effect of a classroom and can give employees an interactive environment to learn and grow.

These sessions can also be stored in a central repository that can be accessed later so that learners can refer them as when needed. A video has the power to cater to many different types of learners whether they are visual, auditory or textual. To fully utilize this, it is critical to have a good learning management system in place.

Product and Services Showcase

It is easier for employees to feel engaged when they know exactly what they are working for. Employees who feel like their work is contributing to something will be far more effective than ones who don’t. Videos can help convey the essence of your goals. This can put your products into context by telling a story while making it relatable to your employees. After all, a passionate and dedicated employee is the greatest advocate for your products and services.

User-generated content

With an integrated video environment, the burden of creating content need not fall on the shoulders of just a few individuals. Any user of the system need only have a smartphone to create and upload videos to a central repository.

These are just a taste of what video and real-time communication are capable of. We must work to integrate them into every aspect of our practices.

“Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other.” – Bill Gates