Develop a Video Chat App for Android, iOS and the Web

Video chat Apps are tremendously coming in trend in the years ahead. The reason behind the steady growth is due to the advent of better video chat apps.

Video chat app does not only help to connect users from different ends but also helps to see the person they are speaking with. The chat can become much interactive and more comprehended when interacting in video chats.

Though there are plenty of web-based video apps no all of them can boast high quality and good connection.


The need for a video chat app for your Business

Video Chat Apps create a level of transparency where customers can interact in real-time mode.

A video featured App can solve any problem since visual information is more understandable clear than long text explanation.


From business prospects, if there are any business meetings, a video chat App allows business people to conduct meetings with all employees.

Video chat app overlaps the barrier of distance and reduces additional costs to make people travel from one city or country to another for a few hour’s meeting.

It hardly matters what kind of business is running it will link the ends to support the business. Thus, at the time of meetings everybody present, there can share their opinion regarding the specific topic or meeting discussions.


Features to be provided for a Video Chat app

Appealing features are the main part of your video chat app.

Effective features are the only way to distinguish your app from others. They can be added or updated with time to keep users engage with your app.


User registration

User registration is a process that requires e-mail, name, surname and other contact details. There are options where the video app can be socially signed-in. Thus by integrating social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn user can approach their friends easily.


User profile

Before chatting, the user should create their own user profile. Doing this all information about the user is stored in the App database. Thus in future users can change or manage their profile if needed.


Group Chats

This feature allows users to create their own friend circle where they can chat with more than one friend. In that case, users may need to create a large private chat for a specific group of people they already know.

Group chats help the user to chat together with friends where everyone gets the chance to say.



This feature of the app helps users to choose their location. Thus the app will locate GPS data automatically and it will detect users’ location the movement the App comes in use. This way the user can be tracked with an accurate location.

Geolocation integration is important for users in many ways as this helps the users to know more about the place in person.


Video calls

Users are showing their interest in video chatting.

This could ease people who want to contact abroad without any hassle. Video calls can cost very less if the user calls somebody who is in a faraway in broad.

Develop a Video Chat App


Push Notifications

Push Notifications can be a great way to notify the user’s attention to your App. Users will receive notifications about new messages or update changes in chat.

Thus, push notifications can remind the user of upcoming chat events and encourage them to stay connected with the users. The potential for these notifications is so strong that it adds value to user experience.


Tools and Technologies used in video chat app development:

  • WebRTC means Web Real-Time Communication is an open-source technology that makes it possible to arrange real-time communication using simple APIs.
  • It offers an opportunity to perform audio/video communication and data transfer without the necessity to use additional plugins.
  • It can boast about such features as peering, streaming, video/audio codes for communication arrangements between two or more users in online mode.
  • MediaStream, RTCPeerConnection, and RTCDataChannel are 3 API interfaces in WebRTC.
  • OpenTOK is a cloud PaaS platform that is a wrapper library that helps in the creation of cross-platform video chats on a WebRTC API basis.


Video chat app can help your future users in solving many challenges they will face when doing their business. Enfin Technologies help in developing Video chat app that will help users to look for more opportunities that this technology can offer for both user and business perspective.
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