Check out How We Celebrated Onam 2017!

Onam is one of the most important festivals celebrated in Kerala and the same goes for our Enfin team too. This is one festival that we make sure to honour and celebrate every year with Pookalam, Onasadya, games and day-long merriment.

Onam Celebration- Enfin Technologies India Pvt.Ltd.

Onam is a time to show off our vast cultural heritage and rich variety for all the Keralites who celebrate it with much vigour than any other festival. Moreover, we celebrate Onam regardless of our religious background and on this very day we all come together, enjoy as a family (though we are on all days 😀 ! )

We were all dressed up according to the Kerala traditional way. To be frank, our mentors were the most handsome ones among us 😉 !


Our Mentors- Vishnu Narayanan, Syam Kumar, Sajan Christudas, Ayyappan Asokan

We started with the Pookalam in the morning. It was a combined effort with the guys doing a much better job than the girls 🙂 Hats off!

They came complete with a highly technical chart of the Pookalam design and then went about the whole Pookalam design in a systematic ‘engineer’ kind of way. And at last we had the most beautiful Pookalam ever!

Pookalam by Team Enfin

And what more to say..! We had numerous Photos taken.. 😀 😉

By the time, Mouths have already begun watering in anticipation of the mother of all festive feasts in Kerala – the Onasadya.

If you thought it was, simply, rice served with a few vegetarian curries and a couple of payasams on vaazha ila (banana leaf), you couldn’t be more wrong. There’s an art to preparing, serving and feasting on the Onasadya. And to the surprise! That job was perfectly done by the whole team! 🙂

The main attraction of the day was the Game Session! 🙂 😀 😉  Merrymaking reached its height when we had funny games such as ‘Identifying the Colleague’, ‘Sundariku Pottuthodal’, ‘Lemon and Spoon’ etc. Our office saturated with laughter when each team did their maximum to win the games!

(Fun Games by Team Enfin! Height of Laughter!)

Syam Kumar- Co-Founder, Enfin Technologies

“Onam this year is very special to me as it was the first Onam celebrated at our New Office! It was a really pleasant day to see everyone with a mind full of happiness! The day wouldn’t have been so much of fun without the combined effort of each and every one. Even the slightest moments of the day can still be remembered and being a mentor, it was a proud moment when you see everyone irrespective of their posts, come together and step up to the beat. So, without doubt, I could say, it was the Best Onam ever we had!”

–  Syam Kumar

Moving towards the closing of the wonderful day, we had the most exciting DJ Part! It was mind-blowing to see all our employees including our mentors at the peak of happiness and enjoyment by stepping to the beat of blasting songs!

We all had fun at the fullest. Going back home though we were tired but had a smile on the face by remembering the fun we had together on this wonderful Onam Celebration!