Boost up the Performance of Your Business Website!


It is possible to optimise a business website with good tactics and this results in the popularity of the enterprise. The speed in which the website load does play a major role. Let’s look in to a few tips or quick fixes that helps to minimise the time required to load your website, reduce the bounce rate of your website and thus improve the customer experience and satisfaction.

Optimize Your Plug-ins

There is no doubt that plug-ins are for enhancement of the features of the website. But adding too many and unnecessary plug-ins to your website may disturb its performance. Hence, deactivation or deleting of the unnecessary plug-ins would help the performance of the website.

Tuning the Media Content

Images and Videos in your website can definitely grab attention to your website. But, too much of media content in your website may lead to the slow performance of the website and such contents will occupy a major part of the bandwidth of your website. Hence, fine tuning of media content on your website results in better performance. Always use compressed JPGs as they can be loaded faster because of reduced file size. Use plug-ins that automatically compress the images as you upload them to your media library.

CSS Optimization

You can reduce the efforts in coding single web page or element in your website with CSS. But if not used properly, CSS may interrupt the performance of your website. So the better way is to remove all the unwanted styling elements and minimise the CSS files by removing the unnecessary codes and spaces from it. This will reduce the file size and reduce the loading time.