4 Ways Cloud Computing Helps Health Care Industry

Cloud computing has created a paradigm shift in how businesses operate and is transforming how many industries work, and healthcare is no exception. The healthcare industry stands to benefit greatly from the power and flexibility that cloud application development can provide while helping to save time and money in the process.

Remote Healthcare Services

The cloud application development is capable of integrating with modern technologies and offers the best possible long distance patient care. Cloud services provide reliable and trustworthy health care services to a remote location with the help of cloud computing through various applications on the smartphones. Therefore, both doctors and patients can be in regular touch, thereby saving time and money while providing crucial health care when needed.

Big Data

Medical data gathered by healthcare industry is usually complex, massive, and difficult to store. Big data has the capability of handling the massive chunks of data and has the potential to improve healthcare and reduce overall expenditures. Big data allows doctors to compare information of patients for better treatment, extract insights from datasets, and make informed decisions.

Collaboration with Patients

With cloud application development, healthcare professionals can access patient records whenever they want, and thus saves time for initial diagnosis. It allows physicians to access critical historical data and offer a diagnosis based on informed decisions. For example, an EMR (Electronic Medical Records) is designed to capture and provide a patient’s data at any time of the patient’s monitoring cycle and includes the details of their complete medical records and history. Health Information Exchange (HIE) allows all the records to be shared electronically across the organization within a community, region, or hospital system.


Large patient pools, scarce and valuable resources, and strict regulations have caused healthcare providers to seek agile models to better conduct business. Cloud computing provides healthcare with flexible systems so that they can offer cost-effective services, develop new capabilities, and share information across the different areas of the healthcare industry.

It is not hard to see the great potential that cloud services can bring to your business. From easy scalability to reliable servers that are maintained by trained professionals, the use of cloud services can provide great ROI and streamline workflow. Enfin Technologies offers Cloud Application Development services to varied industries and has a decade of experience in implementing the best of cloud-based solutions. Making most of the cloud, our service offering ensures increased productivity and profitability across a multitude of industries.