WebRTC today is a trending flash in the world of technology but people still do not know the reason of why they should choose WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication). Many enterprises are searching for the speciality of WebRTC to determine whether it is suitable for their needs.

Many enterprises are now looking into WebRTC to determine if it fits their needs. Some of the prominent plus points that we can find while using WebRTC are,

Easy Deployment and Integration

Most of Real-Time Communication technologies require specialized knowledge and skills to implement and integrate. An average company will typically hire a system integrator to deploy the solution. But WebRTC solutions offer well documented APIs (Application Programming Interface) & SDKs (Software Development Kit). It also does integrating the solution into an existing application with only a few lines of code. With little effort, developers can create quality products. It also takes less time to integrate a WebRTC solution with less effort and cost.

As WebRTC guarantee secure video calling within a browser, business can offer WebRTC support without causing any hassle for the consumers. As it is trouble free and customer friendly, it allows a satisfied video communication.

Real-Time interaction in Organisations

With Real-Time Communication, enterprises can make their employees more engaged. The lack of employee interaction has a serious impact on productivity and work environment. Most of the solutions attempt to bring consumer social media tools to get employees engage like Facebook or Twitter but Real-Time Communication gives a perfect solution for engaging the employees within their organisational zone.

Real-Time Communication brings back the sense of connection. WebRTC makes video calling and video conferencing feasible options for many organizations thus makes a lively work environment.

Safe and Secure Live Interaction

WebRTC starts with Secure RTP (SRTP) as its perfect standard. The most important quality of WebRTC is that every call is private, which is what consumers expect. It keeps all your information safe and secure. SRTP allows authentication, encryption, and ensures the integrity of the call. It even offers the protection of replay. Thus high security makes WebRTC the ultimate secure solution for enterprise.

Cost Effective Solution


WebRTC has a significant and tremendous cost advantage over traditional UC solutions. It has no licensing cost, integration can be done with common development skills, and infrastructures and those can be rented at low subscription rates. WebRTC rejects the need for large capital investments and delivers on low cost promise.