Node.js without any doubt is a game changer and has a strong and quality rooting in IT Market. It is an Open source, cross-platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime. Node.js is truly a blessing for a developer as it develops a data friendly real time application that works in various environments. It can be considered as a shot saviour for heavy load web applications.
Node.js Plus Points:

  • Exceptional Speed

Node.js uses a single thread and avoids troubles involved with forming separate threads. That means, all the asynchronous I/O operations are taken care of the event loop. Major actions in web applications like reading or writing to the database, network connections or file system can be done quickly with Node.js.

  • Quick and Robust Network Applications

As Node.js doesn’t slow the working by any chance, it empowers the organisations to create quick and robust network applications that can tackle parallel connections.

  • Data Streaming Expert

Node.js enables some of the best attributes like processing files at the time of uploading time as this can reduce the overall processing time when data comes in the form of streams.

  • All Round Presence

The entry of Node.js made JavaScript to mark its presence in browser as well as server. The speciality of Node.js lies in its manner and flexibility of usage.

  • Role in Real-time Web Applications

Just as the same time required to build a simple blog in PHP, Node.js builds Real-time Web Applications at a lighting speed. Node.js thus is a perfect server in multi-user real-time web apps as in game and chat apps.

  • An All Database Query Solver

While uniting the Node.js and NoSQL databases, developers need not modulate the syntax differences. You can run a SQL query on a database server that is located anywhere on the local network.

  • Coding Made Easy

Node.js makes it convenient to transport data between the server and the client to coordinate the working simultaneously by allowing developers to write JavaScript for both server and client.


  • Increase in Productivity

The front end and back end teams can be combined by the organisation in to one unit for smooth functioning by getting rid of the inter-silo dependencies.